globuli-medical-bless-you-homeopathy-163186  Harness the amazing power of essential plant oils to benefit body and mind!

Plants and herbs have always been used by different cultures for religious, medical and cosmetic purposes.  The Ancient Egyptians used Cedar and Myrrh for their antiseptic and antibacterial qualities and Greek soldiers were known to take an ointment made with Myrrh to war for its healing properties.  The Romans used essential oils at their public baths and for massage and both China and India have a  long history of using plants and herbs and their extracts for medical purposes.

Aromatherapy is the use of a plant oil, or a blend of plant oils to improve physical and emotional well-being.  There are over 40 essential oils to choose from but generally I would just use 2 (or sometimes 3) in a blend.  Depending on what I have established during a consultation with my client, I will use the most appropriate essential oils in either a massage or reflexology blend.